What is your opinion about Indians education system

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Despite the ever-increasing demand for trained and qualified Indians in the Western world, the Indian education system has failed its masses. The Indian education system, and the degrees, and certificates it provides are globally recognized. And yet, the education system in India is not up to the mark. Even the topmost Indian institutes can barely make it to the global top 100 institutes/universities.

Education mainly has three purposes – to teach students to socialize with others, to enhance knowledge, and to make the students eligible to get a job.

The Indian education system barely puts emphasis on the first two purposes. It just serves as an agent to instil a sense of competition among the students, treat them as participants in a race, and motivate them to score as high as possible to get a job. In this process, the average and below average students, who form a majority, lag behind. They are not adequately prepared for employment.

There is not enough emphasis on practical knowledge in the Indian education system. Most of the syllabus consists of theories. This is worsened by the lack of emphasis on understanding the concepts. More importance is given to memorizing the facts, and then students are assessed from the marks they score in the exams, which is unfair under the current circumstances. Critical analysis, questioning what is being taught, innovation, and creativity are not entertained.

Teachers in India are not well-paid. As a result, there is a dearth of efficient teachers, especially in schools, which are responsible for the overall development of the students in their childhood. The teacher-student ratio too is very low, and hence, the teachers cannot provide assistance and guidance to everyone in a class.

Lack of proper infrastructure in government schools and colleges has given a boost to private institutes which are very expensive for middle and lower-class people. Also, access to education hasn’t become so easy yet. Even today, there are a lot of villages in India with no school.

The average, below-average, and the poor students are the worst victims of the Indian education system. They do not get proper guidance and hence, never get adequately prepared to get a job. Even cracking competitive entrance examinations to get into the topmost institutes in the country is difficult for them. neet results believes that every student deserves education, proper attention, and guidance. It provides free, and mock test series for competitive entrance examinations. It also provides detailed feedback to the students, pinpoints where they need to improve and offers suggestions on how to improve. Embibe looks after the overall development of the students.

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