Betting odds calculator: how to convert odds

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The odds calculator plays a significant role in the sports betting world because it helps people know the probability of their winning chances and betting opportunities. If you ignore the various aspects of sports, it can simply lead you to face significant problems. Therefore, when calculating odds, each and every bettor needs to know how to calculate odds to have a significant impact on their betting skills.

Before connecting with the online sports betting world, make sure that you will learn how to calculate odds to calculate the result and get the money. There are three types of odds available in the sports betting world:

  • American odds,
  • Fractional odds,
  • and Decimal odds.

So make sure that before connecting with the sports betting world, you will grab proper information about all these three odds types so that you can consider one according to your convenience.

Many bettors consider using decimal odds because it is very easy to understand and helps people calculate the odds as soon as possible without facing any queries. On the other hand, fractional odds are considered the most difficult odds because they include the fractional calculation concept, which is hard to understand. To better understand the various methods for converting various odds into different ones, you can stay connected.

Ways to Convert Odds

When you opt for connecting with the online sports betting world, you must know how to convert one odd type to another odd type to experience safe sports betting easily. The best way to convert odds is to use the odds converter, which is used for three different formats without facing any central query.

The sports lovers who want to convert various odds across the online sports betting websites, then it is a must for them to know the basic formulas to convert American odds to fractional and decimal odds. Usually, the odds are available in the American form, which people must convert in the fractional and decimal forms to use in easy ways.

Converting Fractional and Decimal Odds

The people who opt for converting fractional odds into decimal odds are required to use an odds converter. For converting fractional into decimal odds, you must divide the numerator to the denominator and then add one. For example, 1/4 + 1 = 1.25.

When you opt for converting decimal into fraction odd, you are required to follow another formula; that is, you have to subtract one from the decimal and then convert the left out the decimal number into a fraction odd. For example, 2.5 – 1 = 1.5; 1.5 = 3/2.

Convert American Odds to Fractional and Decimal Odds

American odds are considered the trickier one compared to fraction and decimal odds, which includes a positive and negative sign that makes people confused.

When you opt for converting positive American odds to decimal, you have to divide the odds by 100 and add one. For example, (+ 400/100) + 1 = 5.00. 

When you consider converting favorable American odds to fractional odds, you must divide the odds by 100 and then reduce it to its simplest form. For example, 400/100 is similar to 4/1.

To convert the American Negative Odds into Decimal one, you have to tweak the equation, which means that you need to divide 100 by odds and then add 1. For example, (100/400) + 1 = 1.25.

In converting American Odds into Fractional odds, you are required to divide 100 by the American odds and then minus it to the normal form. For example, 100/400, which is the same as ¼.

These are some significant ways to help you convert American odds into decimal and fractional odds by considering their various positive and negative signs. These two signs play a significant role while converting the odds into another one, so make sure that you will grab proper information about these signs while converting American odds to decimal and fractional ones.

When you complete the information, you will learn about the significant aspects related to various types of odds. It will help you know how to convert various odds into another odd type and helps you to have a significant impact on your conversion process. Make sure that you will grab proper information about various odd types and their various aspects to have better results with no risks and troubles involved. The better you will understand the information, the better it will allow you to grab the outcomes so try to be focused and have better understanding.

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